About Us

APEX Steam is proud to announce the introduction of our new Commercial Steam Cleaning Systems. The APX series is specially designed and manufactured to speed small to medium sized cleaning jobs. Using hot steam to clean will save labor hours, money, valuable time and lessen the heavy use of harsh chemicals.

Dry steam vapor for cleaning and sanitizing has been an accepted practice for a diverse range of industries and applications for more than 25 years, and is widely recognized as a superior, cost-effective, and environmentally safe alternative to other cleaning methods currently available to many facilities.

APEX Steam has and continues to provide the highest quality electric steam-cleaning systems in the USA. With tens of thousands of units in the field and with just as many satisfied customers we are proud of our craftsmanship and fully back our new APX line with a 2 year warranty on the unit’s pressure vessels and a 90 day warranty on all other parts.

APEX Steam’s new Dry Steam cleaners are available in multiple models each with a wide range of accessories to suit your most demanding applications. Our APX390 and APX500 steam cleaners are extremely safe, easy to use and simple to maintain. With proper care these units will last many years and provide an equally reliable service life.

APEX Steam is a division of Pemberton Fabricators, Inc., manufacturers of pressure vessels and test measures since 1967.