VB2 and Others


Most of the accessories or parts available for sale on Apex Steam are specific to the APX390, the APX500, the APX750 and our all new APX1550. If you currently have an AmeriVap Systems steam cleaner; Steamax, VB2, or any other model and need replacement parts or repairs, please contact 678-392-3699 or [email protected].

Apex Steam has only a limited supply of AmeriVap VB2 cleaners and parts or accessories for AmeriVap machines available for sale. Please check to see that the correct part/accessories for your machine have been selected before you purchase. If there are questions, concerns or uncertainty about any part or accessories please call 678-392-3699. We are happy to help.

Trade In:

If we can’t repair your AmeriVap brand cleaner or find the appropriate replacement parts, ask us about our trade in program and upgrade your current AmeriVap unit with a brand new APX Model. Get a better cleaner from a reliable company and save some money in the process.